Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails


What Is an Ingrown Toenail?

When a toenail is ingrown, it is curved and grows into the skin, usually at the sides of the nail. The nail digging into the skin is irritating, often causing pain, redness, swelling, and warmth in the toe. It is a simple concern but man oh man does it hurt!!  If you’ve suffered with an ingrown toenail you know it feels like a knife digging into your skin. Everyone will step on it too, your kids, your dog, anyone.  It’s best to get your ingrown toenails treated ASAP by a foot doctor in Portland for immediate relief.


Why Do Ingrown Toenails Develop?

If an ingrown nail causes a break in the skin it can allow bacteria to enter and cause and infection.  An infection will usually have drainage and a foul odor.  If the toe isn’t painful, red, swollen, or warm, a nail that curves down into the skin can eventually progress into an infection. 


Many people are frightened to have the ingrown nail procedure done. After it has healed most people wish they hadn’t waited so long to get it taken care of.  It’s not as bad as your friend said it would be.  It is a very simple in-office procedure that takes less than 10 minutes.  Restrictions are minimal after the procedure.  After applying a local anesthetic, the doctor removes part of the nail’s side border.  Some nails may become ingrown again, requiring removal of the nail root.  Following the nail procedure, a light bandage will be applied.  Most people experience very little pain after this minor procedure and may resume normal activity the next day.  If the doc has prescribed an oral antibiotic, be sure to take all the medication, even if your symptoms have improved. 

If you’re suffering with ingrown toenails it’s time to see us at Elite Foot & Ankle!  Get relief from those knives digging into your toe!

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