Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone in many activities and sports.  The most common being basketball, football, soccer, running, dance, & cheer.  Ankle sprains can even happen from wearing inappropriate shoes or walking or running on uneven surfaces.  Some people are more prone to sprains simply because they were born with weak ankles.  Most of us just try to ignore the sprain and take it easy for a few days.  But this treatment can cause the ankle to be more prone to sprains and later develop into lateral ankle instability.  It also doesn’t treat the inflammatory process behind the injury.  What happens in a sprain is one or more of the ligaments (usually the talo-fibular ligament) on the ankle are pulled, weakened, or torn.  Symptoms may vary in intensity, depending on the severity of the sprain. Sometimes pain and swelling are absent in people with previous ankle sprains. Instead, they may simply feel like the ankle is wobbly and unsteady when they walk. Even if there is no pain or swelling with a sprained ankle, treatment is crucial. Any ankle sprain- whether it’s your first or your fifth – requires prompt medical attention.

Four key reasons why an ankle sprain should be promptly evaluated and treated by a foot and ankle surgeon at Elite Foot & Ankle:

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When you have an ankle sprain, rehabilitation is crucial – and it starts the moment your treatment begins. The most common method for initial treatment is using the RICE method:

By using the RICE treatment and taking NSAIDs (like ibuprofen or Naprosyn) to help with pain management and reduce swelling and inflammation, the injured ankle will have a better chance of recovery and will prevent the risk of developing ankle instability.

A visit to our Portland or Sandy office after an ankle sprain is important to ensure that there is no injury to the bones of the ankle or foot.  We also want to ensure that you do the proper exercise therapy to strengthen the soft tissue structures and prevent future injuries. 

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Dr. Haynes is a board certified foot & ankle surgeon.  He lives in West Linn with his wife and 4 children.

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